Learn to Kick and Punt from the NFL’s most respected kicking coach – Steve Hoffman

Hoff-Workout-imageFREE GIFT!  Coach Hoffman’s Exclusive 12 Week Workout Plan for Kickers and Punters

Don’t waste your valuable conditioning time doing the wrong drills.  These kicker and punter-specific drills will make your stronger and more flexible.  Increase your distance and hang time.

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* Special drills to increase accuracy on your field goals
* Weight training and drills to increase kickoff distance
* Proven workout to power up your leg strength
* Learn to kick under pressure

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* Punt under pressure
* Spiral your punts
* Increase hang time
* Perfect the drop
* Pooch kick


“In college I only attempted 14 field goals, total.
My rookie season in Dallas with Coach Hoffman
I was 34 of 37 and named to the NFL All Pro team.
He works miracles with accuracy.”

– Richie Cunningham, NFL All Pro


“I first met Steve when I was at Univ of Miami.
He taught me the basics of punting which I’ve
turned into a successful 20 year NFL career. There’s nobody better.”

– Jeff Feagles, All Pro Punter



“Steve Hoffman has been able to develop kickers
and punters
with tremendous results.”
– John Madden, Sportscaster