“Before working with Coach Hoffman I would occasionally
hit a 4.8 hang time.  Now I nail 5.0’s consistently.”

– Mat McBriar, Dallas Cowboys


Get instant results from 
Coach Steve Hoffman’s training videos. 

It’s the next best thing to having the most acclaimed kicking coach in the NFL 
as your private tutor!

In the Punting Video you will learn:

The 3 MISTAKES guaranteed 
to shank your punt
What every young punter must 
begin to practice NOW!
Four new training tips guaranteed 
to build POWER and increase DISTANCE
How to punt in rainy or windy weather

This complete punting program reveals the proven secrets of the NFL’s most successful coach.  After twenty years of training the best in the game, Mr. Hoffman now shares this learning with you.

See how to catch even the worst snaps. How to develop a fluid stepping pattern to assure a solid punt. How to strike the ball for power and distance. How to hit consistent spirals.


The Stance
Ball Reception
Moving to Bad Snaps
Proper Hand Position
Finding the Drop Table
First Step
Second Step and Release
Striking the Ball
Follow Through
Buddy Drop Drill
Putting it All Together
Pooch and Corner Kicks
Dealing with Wind and Rain

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